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PWHT Services for Pressure Vessels

PWHT Services for Pressure Vessels

What is PWHT Pressure vessels

PWHT stands for Post Weld Heat Treatment, which is a process used in the fabrication of pressure vessels. After the welding of pressure vessel components is completed, PWHT is performed to relieve residual stresses, improve the material properties, and ensure the integrity of the welded joints.

PWHT involves heating the welded component to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time, followed by a controlled cooling process. The specific temperature and time required for PWHT will depend on the material being used, the thickness of the component, and the welding process employed.

PWHT services for pressure vessels are typically performed by specialized contractors who have the equipment and expertise necessary to carry out the process safely and effectively. The goal of PWHT is to ensure that the pressure vessel is strong, durable, and reliable, and can withstand the high pressures and temperatures it will be subjected to in service.

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