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What is Profile radiography

Profile radiography, also known as lateral radiography, is a type of medical imaging technique that uses X-rays to create a side view image of a person’s body. It is commonly used to examine the bones and joints, particularly in the spine, neck, and head.

During a profile radiography procedure, the patient will typically stand or lie sideways next to the X-ray machine while a technician positions the machine and takes the image. The resulting image shows the side view of the patient’s body, which can help doctors diagnose a range of conditions and injuries, such as fractures, spinal alignment issues, and degenerative joint diseases.

Overall, profile radiography is a useful tool in the diagnosis and treatment of various medical conditions, as it allows doctors to see the internal structures of the body and identify any abnormalities that may be present.

We offer profile radiography testing services in WORLD WIDE. Profile radiography, technically called tangential radiography is a radiographic technique