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ISO 9934-2:2015

ISO 9934-2:2015

ISO 9934-2:2015

ISO 9934-2:2015 in the NDT Industry: Ensuring Quality and Reliability


ISO 9934-2:2015 is an important international standard that plays a crucial role in the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry. This standard focuses specifically on the magnetic particle testing (MPT) method for detecting surface and near-surface defects in ferromagnetic materials. In this article, we will explore the significance of ISO 9934-2:2015 in the NDT industry and highlight how NDT and PWHT Solutions, a leading company in the field, excels in delivering exceptional services aligned with this standard.

ISO 9934-2:2015 and Magnetic Particle Testing:

ISO 9934-2:2015 is part of the ISO 9934 series that establishes general principles and provides guidelines for performing magnetic particle testing. It specifies the requirements for the equipment, materials, personnel, and procedures to ensure reliable and consistent inspection results. The standard also outlines the qualification and certification of personnel involved in magnetic particle testing.

Magnetic particle testing is a widely used NDT method that relies on the principles of magnetism and the detection of magnetic flux leakage to identify surface and near-surface defects such as cracks, seams, and discontinuities. ISO 9934-2:2015 provides comprehensive guidance on the proper implementation of this technique, ensuring the accuracy and effectiveness of the inspection process.

NDT and PWHT Solutions: Leading the Way in ISO 9934-2:2015 Compliance:

NDT and PWHT Solutions is a reputable company that specializes in providing NDT services, including magnetic particle testing, in strict adherence to ISO 9934-2:2015. The company stands out in the industry due to its commitment to quality, expertise, and advanced technological capabilities.

  1. Adherence to ISO 9934-2:2015:

NDT and PWHT Solutions places great emphasis on compliance with ISO 9934-2:2015. They have implemented a robust quality management system that aligns with the requirements of the standard. Their processes and procedures are regularly audited and updated to meet the highest industry standards, ensuring accurate and reliable inspection results.

  1. Highly Skilled Personnel:

The company prides itself on its team of highly skilled and certified personnel. NDT and PWHT Solutions invests in continuous training and professional development to ensure their technicians are up to date with the latest techniques and standards, including ISO 9934-2:2015. This expertise allows them to perform magnetic particle testing with precision, identifying even the most minute defects in ferromagnetic materials.

  1. State-of-the-Art Equipment:

NDT and PWHT Solutions understands the importance of utilizing advanced equipment for effective NDT inspections. They employ cutting-edge magnetic particle testing equipment that meets or exceeds the requirements specified by ISO 9934-2:2015. This ensures optimal sensitivity and reliability during the inspection process, leading to accurate defect detection.

  1. Comprehensive Services:

Beyond their strict adherence to ISO 9934-2:2015, NDT and PWHT Solutions offers a wide range of NDT services tailored to meet the diverse needs of their clients. From visual inspections to ultrasonic testing, they provide comprehensive solutions to identify and assess defects in various materials and structures.



ISO 9934-2:2015 is a crucial standard in the NDT industry, specifically focusing on magnetic particle testing. NDT and PWHT Solutions has positioned itself as a leading provider of NDT services, excelling in adherence to ISO 9934-2:2015 requirements. Their dedication to quality, highly skilled personnel, state-of-the-art equipment, and comprehensive service offerings make them an ideal choice for organizations seeking reliable and accurate NDT inspections in accordance with international standards.

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