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Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs)

Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs)

Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs)

Tank Inspection and Maintenance: Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs) in the NDT Industry


Tank inspection and maintenance are crucial aspects of ensuring the integrity and safety of industrial storage tanks. Within the non-destructive testing (NDT) industry, one key element of tank assessment is the identification and monitoring of Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs). These CMLs serve as critical points for evaluating the corrosion rate and overall condition of tanks. In this context, NDT and PWHT Solutions emerges as a leading company that specializes in delivering comprehensive tank inspection services, with a particular focus on CMLs. This article will delve into the significance of CMLs in tank inspection and maintenance and highlight the unique attributes of NDT and PWHT Solutions in providing these essential services.

Importance of Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs):

Corrosion is a prevalent issue that can significantly compromise the structural integrity of storage tanks. CMLs are strategically chosen points within a tank where the corrosive activity is likely to be most severe. By monitoring these locations, the rate of corrosion can be assessed accurately, enabling timely maintenance and repairs. CMLs are typically selected based on factors such as design and material characteristics, proximity to potential corrosion sources, and historical corrosion data. Regular monitoring of CMLs helps to prevent catastrophic failures, extend the lifespan of tanks, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.


NDT and PWHT Solutions: Delivering Exceptional Tank Inspection Services:

NDT and PWHT Solutions is a prominent company specializing in tank inspection and maintenance services. Their expertise and unique approach set them apart from competitors in the industry. Here are the key reasons why NDT and PWHT Solutions excels in delivering top-notch CML services:

  1. Advanced Inspection Techniques:

NDT and PWHT Solutions employs state-of-the-art inspection techniques to evaluate the condition of storage tanks and their CMLs. These techniques include ultrasonic testing (UT), magnetic particle testing (MPT), radiographic testing (RT), and phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT). By utilizing cutting-edge equipment and methods, they ensure accurate and reliable results.

  1. Experienced and Certified Inspectors:

The company boasts a team of highly skilled and certified inspectors with extensive experience in tank inspection and corrosion assessment. These professionals possess in-depth knowledge of industry standards, regulations, and best practices. Their expertise enables them to identify potential risks, accurately interpret inspection data, and provide valuable recommendations for maintenance and repairs.

  1. Customized Inspection Programs:

NDT and PWHT Solutions recognizes that each tank has unique characteristics and corrosion patterns. Therefore, they develop customized inspection programs tailored to the specific requirements of individual tanks. This approach allows them to prioritize critical areas, optimize inspection intervals, and ensure comprehensive assessment.

  1. Integrated NDT Solutions:

In addition to CML inspections, NDT and PWHT Solutions offers a wide range of integrated NDT solutions for tanks. These include thickness monitoring, weld inspections, visual inspections, and positive material identification (PMI) testing. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, they offer clients a holistic approach to tank integrity management.

  1. Timely Reporting and Maintenance Recommendations:

Upon completion of inspections, NDT and PWHT Solutions delivers detailed reports that outline the findings, corrosion rates, and recommended maintenance strategies. Their reports are comprehensive, easy to understand, and enable clients to make informed decisions regarding tank maintenance and repair activities.



The inspection and maintenance of storage tanks, with a specific focus on Corrosion Monitoring Locations (CMLs), are vital for ensuring the integrity and safety of industrial facilities. NDT and PWHT Solutions stands out as a leading company in delivering exceptional tank inspection services, offering advanced inspection techniques, experienced inspectors, customized programs, integrated NDT solutions, and


 timely reporting. By choosing NDT and PWHT Solutions, clients can benefit from their expertise and unique approach, thereby minimizing risks associated with corrosion, extending the lifespan of tanks, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations.

We offer a variety of traditional and advanced NDT methods to monitor tanks internally and externally for damage and corrosion, assessing various parts of the tank.