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Environment Technician/Coordinator-Saudi-KSA

Environment Technician/Coordinator-Saudi-KSA

Environment Technician/Coordinator-Saudi-KSA-1 Month Shut-Down

Mobilization January 2nd Weak

Minimum requirements or job description is as below:

  1. Working experience in the petrochemical field.
  2. Must be qualified with Bsc in Environmental science/Diploma in Environmental Engineering.
  3. Can Speak, Write and Read English language.
  4. Familiar with Royal Commission Environment Regulations.
  5. Understand the Minimum requirement of Waste management.
  6. Understand the proper way of handling Hazard material.
  7. Familiar with Safety information (safety labels, NFPA diamond, MSDS, Etc.)
  8. Understand the Minimum requirement and proper way for waste storage and movement.
  9. Understand proper way of spill control and release.




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    I hereby declare that all the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that my candidature will stand cancelled if any discrepancy is found in the above information at any stage of pre or post recruitment at NDT AND PWHT Solutions Pvt Ltd. I agree to provide sufficient evidences to justify the information provided above (If required).